Tuesday, November 01, 2005

There but for the grace
of God goes Vanilla Ice

Ladies and gentlemen, get out your checkbooks! MTV is reporting that MC Hammer is selling the music publishing and copyrights to his entire catalog. Yes, now you can own 62.5 percent of "Turn This Mutha Out," 75 percent of "Addams Groove" and 90 percent of "2 Legit 2 Quit." So what do I hear? Anyone? Hello?

OK, how about 40 bucks for his pants?


Underachiever said...

I heard there is a board of directors just for his "Hammer Pants"

By the way, I want the rights to his Saturday Morning Cartoon, just so I can burn it. That and Captain Planet.

Undr(eh go ahead and touch this)

Anonymous said...

LOL, interesting that someone still remembers that cartoon!

Peter, thanks for visiting and blogmarking Teh Blogfather a few days ago. For the price of a joke, quote or fact, you can submit your blog to me and I'll write a wacky promo for it and link to you!

We seem to share the same crazy sense of humour :-)

Angel said...

Dibs on the pants or has Jacko-Wacko-la-Mole already bid on them?

Word to yer mudder.........keep it real, keep it large and keep on writing!