Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Maybe she was just trying to get noticed

So, who is to blame for the Miley Cyrus/Vanity Fair debacle? Surely not Miley, who was sweet-talked into disrobing by that tricky Annie Leibovitz -- she's lucky she didn't wind up covered in mud or curled up naked next to Yoko Ono.

But not Annie Leibovitz either -- she was just doing her job, namely to take pictures of naked 15-year-olds. And not Vanity Fair, which was just trying to sell magazines, or at least get people to look at pictures on the Internet from magazines that nobody buys. And certainly not Billy Ray Cyrus, who is not known for having the best judgment.

No, I think it was my fault, for seeing her stupid movie. I was just encouraging her.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where I've been, where I'm going ...

Yes, it seems I've become one of those people -- those people who only blog about how sorry they are that it's been so long since the last time they blogged. I'd come up with some lame excuse, but the fact of the matter is: All 10 of my fingers were broken by mobsters I beat in pool.

But I'm back now, and I promise (no, really) to do my best to provide my take on ... wait, let me check my notes ... "modern life, pop culture and parenting." Not necessarily in that order. So to start off, here are some important links:
  • My latest column, on visiting my wife's alma mater, Penn State University, where I was mauled by a Nittany Lion. No, wait, I only wished I was mauled by a Nittany Lion -- actually I just realized I was old.
  • My Springsteen blog, to once again prove that I've been doing something all that time I wasn't blogging here.
  • Puff-A-Palooza, the Las Vegas event that I unfortunately somehow missed, where "for all 36 hours, guests will be treated to free shots every hour on the hour, live music from special guest headliner bands and DJ's, extreme performance acts of the aerialist variety, hors d'oeuvres and specialty hookahs." Yes, that's right -- hors d'oeuvres!
  • The exciting news that "Coconut Milk Gives New Ice Cream Luxuriously Smooth Texture with Fewer Calories." Except that it all tastes like coconut.
  • That naked picture of Miley Cyrus.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008