Tuesday, November 29, 2005

'Illegal' is such a harsh word --
let's just call them 'uninvited'

Details of President Bush's plan to deal with illegal immigration:
  • “Invisible fence” that triggers a mild electric shock as immigrants cross border.
  • Great Wall of China, except in America.
  • Start calling illegal immigrants who’ve already moved here “extra very special guests.”
  • Giant green door with sign, “Bell Out of Order -- Please Knock.”
  • Moat.
  • Offer huge tax cuts to illegal immigrants who agree to leave right away, no questions asked.
  • When Mexico and Canada aren’t looking, move America to giant crystal structure in the Arctic (“Operation Fortress of Solitude”).
  • Hire French guys to throw cows at them when they try to get in.
  • Teach all real Americans the secret password.
  • Giant invisible force field.

1 comment:

MuppetLord said...

You could try a minefield a couple of miles wide.