Monday, November 14, 2005

Hmm ... sauerkraut, death ...
sauerkraut, death ... I'm thinking!

To think, after all the worry about bird flu -- President Bush's $7 billion plan, hundreds of column inches in the national media, the five pounds of peanut butter and cartons of toilet paper squirreled away in my basement -- it turns out we were all worried about nothing. Well, nothing that a little sauerkraut can't fix.

Yes, that's right, Korean scientists are reporting that several bird-flu stricken chickens that were fed German cabbage made a full recovery. Of course, more tests are needed: The scientists still can't be positive whether that was due to the sauerkraut or to the Oom-Pa-Pa band playing a continuous loop of "The Beer Barrel Polka."

Anyway, I know all this is true because I read it at Which I'm starting to think is just trying to mess with my head.

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golfwidow said...

What's happened is that President Bush saw your picture of sauerkraut and is currently traumatized, 'cos there's also a pretzel in it. Ack! Pretzels!