Monday, November 14, 2005

Hmm ... sauerkraut, death ...
sauerkraut, death ... I'm thinking!

To think, after all the worry about bird flu -- President Bush's $7 billion plan, hundreds of column inches in the national media, the five pounds of peanut butter and cartons of toilet paper squirreled away in my basement -- it turns out we were all worried about nothing. Well, nothing that a little sauerkraut can't fix.

Yes, that's right, Korean scientists are reporting that several bird-flu stricken chickens that were fed German cabbage made a full recovery. Of course, more tests are needed: The scientists still can't be positive whether that was due to the sauerkraut or to the Oom-Pa-Pa band playing a continuous loop of "The Beer Barrel Polka."

Anyway, I know all this is true because I read it at Which I'm starting to think is just trying to mess with my head.


Underachiever said...

On a sad note. Most of the Chickens now have terrible gas.

One chicken was heard saying
"Cluck Cluck Poot"


golfwidow said...

What's happened is that President Bush saw your picture of sauerkraut and is currently traumatized, 'cos there's also a pretzel in it. Ack! Pretzels!