Monday, November 21, 2005

Being mayor rocks!

This blog has just acquired the list of first-term goals for Michael Sessions, the 18-year-old recently elected mayor of Hillsdale, Mich:
  • Get city councilors to start referring to each other as “dawg.”
  • Pizza at all union negotiation meetings (stuffed crust -- sweet!).
  • “State of the City” address to be delivered via text messaging (“BTSOOM. L8R!”)
  • See how fast that city-issued Lincoln Town Car can go on a straightaway.
  • At least once a week, guys in assessors department to be given wedgies.
  • Lay off fleet of snowplow drivers; issue all residents snowboards.
  • Lower drinking age to 18 16.
  • Replace city department heads with buds from school; Murph gets to run DPW. (Free rides on the front-end loader -- sweet!)
  • Bring in sophomore cheerleaders as “interns.”
  • Change city motto to “Fo Shizzle.”


Underachiever said...

His campaign motto was "Dont Phunk With my Town"

Campaign sponsored by Oxy 10 acne cream.

And finally he was overheard saying "Wow mayor and pubic hair all in the same week!"


PS Another great one Pete!

michelle said...

I live about 40 minutes from Hillsdale and this is a small farming community. This high school mayor is all the buzz that is for sure. I think the publicity is great though. I wonder how much will change though?

Pipi Longstockings said...

LOL! & another LOL for underachiever!