Thursday, September 01, 2005

Well I got this blog, and I
learned how to make it talk ...

Things I'm willing to do to get tickets to see Bruce Springsteen, the greatest live performer in the history of rock 'n' roll:
  • Wear a headband for the better part of a decade;
  • Disregard years of grammatical training in the hopes that these badlands might actually start treating us good;
  • Sunbathe in my underwear with Patti Scialfa;
  • Listen to "Human Touch" straight through (I've actually done this recently -- it's a lot better than you remember. No, seriously.);
  • Do an awkward white-man dance with Courtney Cox;
  • Vote for John Kerry;
  • Let my ramrod rock (just not in public);
  • Volunteer to be the guy who tells unruly crowd members to shut the &%#@! up;
  • Pick a random person out of my life (boss, mailman, distant relative) and refer to him exclusively as "The Big Man";
  • Promise to seek out and destroy every remaining copy of this picture.

Bruce, please send the tickets care of this blog. I'll just sit here and wait.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Peter.

If you'd be willing to travel to the midwest, we'd be thrilled to take you to a Bruce show.

mrs. awesome said...

you forgot the homage to bruce's butt. and its apparent musical ability.

Christopher Trottier said...

What about visit Jersey?

Marti said...

Stand on a post in the water on one foot for hours?

(Oops sorry...wrong reality....goes back up the on ramp of the www-info-tv-blogosphere-hiway LOL)

Pete Chianca said...

Well ... No. I actually did vote for Kerry. But I'm from Massachusetts, so my vote didn't count anyway.