Sunday, September 11, 2005

This week's column:
Now and then there's a fuel such as I

With all the suffering going on in the world, it seems kind of petty to complain about something like gas prices. Fortunately, that's never stopped most of us before -- if we didn't complain about petty things we'd spend most of our time staring at each other, cursing the awkward silence.

Still, I'm determined to find a silver lining to the cost of fuel. For instance, take my 1998 two-door Chevy Cavalier, which seemed small when I just had a dog but with an entire family feels almost comically diminutive, like a clown car. These days, though, people look at me in it like I was some sort of prescient genius -- a single guy could actually use this car to pick up women now.

However, even with a small car the gas prices have seemed onerous. This could have something to do with my until-recent tendency to buy gas $5 at a time, which today would get me approximately as far as the next pump.

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Anonymous said...

I was real close to getting hubby to buy me a new car a few mths back...I wanted to trade in my little Mazda for a big ole' SUV...right about now I'm glad we didn't...

Marti said...

Picturing you on a banana-seat Huskie, with baseball cards (of the KC Royals ~snort~) clicking in the spokes LOL

krip said...

You think you've got problems? You should see the price of fuel over here :(