Sunday, September 04, 2005

This week's column:
This family needs to get in more

I don't tend to consider myself a big traveler. Not so much by choice - it's just that I have young kids, which makes traveling daunting. I look at how it's difficult to even make a trip to the supermarket without someone coming home covered in cheese.

And yet somehow, this past summer proved to be particularly travel-heavy for my happy brood. We made our usual jaunt to Storyland; had an extended-family vacation in New York; and had an extended-extended-family outing at the annual (except for 1983-2004) "Chianca Family Reunion." Then most recently we borrowed a cottage in New Hampshire which had a beautiful view of the all-day rain, a situation which would make any parent contemplate the most preferable outcome to "Live Free or Die."

All this travel has led my wife and me to an important conclusion: Next summer, we need to stay home. Unfortunately, we know that once we're coming out of another New England winter we'll forget that, and instead feel ourselves tempted by the siren call of hotel pools filled with so much chlorine that children tend to bob gently on the surface, like in the Dead Sea.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's worse to have the kids at home, though.