Thursday, September 22, 2005

And yet the Heidi Klum
front remains oddly silent

It's time to choose your favorite supermodel news story of the day:
  1. Kate Moss is ostracized by the modeling community, such that it is, when it's discovered that the progenitor of "heroin chic" has used ... cocaine! Why couldn't she just stay skinny by forcing herself to throw up, like everybody else?
  2. Tyra Banks (right) has herself felt up by a plastic surgeon on TV to prove that her breasts are real. Next week she plans to have a brain surgeon feel her head.
  3. Rebecca Romijn announces plans to marry Jerry O'Connell, as her ex-husband continues his exhuastive search for another model to attach his Stamos to.
  4. John O'Hurley wins "Dancing with the Stars" rematch, but withers under Kelly Monaco's subsequent glare of death. (OK, I know he's not a supermodel. But I felt this needed to be mentioned.)

Vote in the comments section, or, if you'd prefer to show your solidarity with America's put-upon supermodels in a more meaningful way, stop eating and grow six inches. OK, go!


Anonymous said...

Um ... Is there a "None of the Above"?

Marti said...

John (you'll always be Peterman to me) O'Hurley. He's purty enough to be a supermodel and he was robbed, I tell ya, robbed last season!

(just ignore me, I'm on drugs LOL)