Monday, September 12, 2005

Fortunately, long lines,
overpriced souvenirs and
screaming children are universal

Overheard at the new Hong Kong Disneyland theme park (loosely translated from the Chinese):
  • "Will those small animatronic children never stop singing?"
  • "The large clumsy creature frightens me! Is he horse or dog?"
  • "This frozen 'Mickey Bar' is harder than the hardest iron deposits at the mines of Bayan-Obo."
  • "Shark-fin soup? I wanted Toll House cookies."
  • "I could be mistaken, but I believe this Jungle Cruise guide is mocking me."
  • "Will those small animatronic Tiki Birds never stop singing?"
  • "Wait, that is Minnie? Is it me, or do all of these mice look alike?"
  • "That humorous Pooh Bear! He cannot resist the honey when there is a rumbly in his tumbly!"
  • "Tea cups with handles?"
  • "Those animatronic presidents are eerie and disturbing! Oh wait, that's Michael Eisner and Bob Iger."


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Even the local press has been much less enthusiastic:

Anonymous said...

Dude stop...that's I didn't even know they were opening anothe park.."It's a small world after all.."

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the kids going to the new park in Iraq will have to say??

Mags said...

"I could be mistaken, but I believe this Jungle Cruise guide is mocking me."

You almost made me pee myself.


Mollenkamp said...

What about--"Daddy, I need to pee.", which has pretty much the same effect in every language when announced after 2 hours and forty-five minutes in a 3-hour Space Mountain line.

Lone Ranger said...

AHA! I see through your Western capitalist deception! The environmentalists have banned shark fin soup from being served at Hong Kong Disneyland, even though you can get it anywhere outside the gates. I'm just wondering how people who make 65 cents a day are going to afford tickets. Look for the market in baby girls to start booming.