Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Crikey! That gator just
drank my last Crown Lager!

Pop quiz! If you saw an alligator swimming in the Allegheny River, what would be the proper course of action?

1) Call your local animal control officer;
2) Run away screaming and waving your arms wildly in the air;
3) Capture it using techniques learned by watching the television program "Crocodile Hunter";
4) Shoot to kill.

Actually, any of 1, 2 or 4 are acceptable, but yes, No. 3 is the method tried by a Pennsylvania girl who found herself in just that situation. Apparently she grabbed the animal's snout and held its mouth closed so her friends could put it in a beverage cooler. They then gave the cooler to police, but it would have been funnier if they'd left it at a frat party. ("Dude, want another MichelAGGHGHGH!!!")


Rima said...

I'm sure the police pulled that very trick on some of the rookies. How could one resist?

mrs. awesome said...

that clever, clever girl. SHE knows that everything on tv DOES apply to real life.

No-L said...

2ft gator that's nothing, come on... In Florida your trained to take on at least an 8 footer... YEAH RIGHT!

I hate gators so I choose #1, they aren't crocodiles so #2 is just riduculous.

Anonymous said...

OK, doesn't this also require duct tape?