Sunday, September 18, 2005

This week's column:
Who let the robot dogs out?

Those of you who recall my declarations that I'd never use a cell phone or a car DVD player know that my word means nothing. But this time I want you to hold me to it when I say that I will never, under any circumstances, get a robot dog. (Also, keep me away from that new iPod nano -- I'm afraid I could accidentally swallow it.)

Sure, I could see why someone might want a robot dog -- you could leave it alone for days on end, they don't chew toys, furniture or each other, they don't emit anything that might lead you to need the services of someone with "The Ruginator" printed on the side of his van, etc.

Also, they would never need a retainer, unlike my family's black Lab, Lily, whose teeth were growing in wrong and needed a specially molded piece of plastic grafted to them, at a price that would indicate it was made via a process involving cold fusion. It's developments such as this that leave thoughtful pet owners to wonder: Do the vets ever stop laughing at us?

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No-L said...

I thought it was crazy when my dog just had her teeth cleaned and costs almost $500 bucks. Glad to see I'm not the only one that the vets are taking advantage of. (hee,hee doggie retainor)

Your missing out on the nano, that little thing Rocks!