Monday, September 26, 2005

Plus if you go high enough he'd
probably agree to be your butler

Only three more days to bid on the collected worldly possessions of some guy from England who's trying to auction off everything he owns. As of this writing it's up to £5,100 for the entire collection; I'm not up on the current exchange rate, but I believe that's enough for several tanks of petrol.

On the one hand, I give him a lot of credit -- if I tried the same thing I'd be worried that I'd get about 80 bucks for the whole lot, and that's if I included my car. (You'll recall what happened at my yard sale, where I wound up offering people money to steal the stuff while I pretended to be tying my shoe.) Of course, he has a lot better stuff than I do -- I mean, does anybody really need an Xbox, Ps2 and a Gamecube? How many joysticks can one man manipulate?

Anyway, if you have a bunch of extra pounds lying around, give it a shot. According to the listing, "escrow is available," which is the perfect way to get some other guy's electronic equipment, furniture, clothing, DVDs and a "Fluval Duo Tropical Aquarium with base (fish included if requested)." Do it for the fish.
(Thanks to Steven Hartwright)


Anonymous said...

How many joysticks can one man manipulate?

Let's not get into that, porn already takes up too much space on the internet. :)


Anonymous said...

John Freyer already did this in the U.S. and wrote a book about it (All My Life for Sale).