Wednesday, September 07, 2005

And now I'm just waiting for the
endorsement offers to come pouring in

Thank you for all the cards and letters of congratulations. Yes, it's true -- I got a new blog profile picture. I was going for suave and debonair, although I think I might have fallen a little short and may have to settle for "suffering stoically through gas pains." (Next time I should probably add a pipe or bite on the earpiece of my glasses -- that spells "class" every time.)

Anyway, your comments are welcome, although I should mention that I already know I look sort of like a human version of Fozzie Bear. We don't need to go dredging all that up again.


mrs. awesome said...

well, now that it's gone, i will say that it was just a little creepy to have your eyes covered up in the last pic. the new one is much more rico suave.

Unknown said...

I think it makes you look very, um...thoughtful. Not bad.