Sunday, January 08, 2006

Warning: This blog has sharp edges

A shout-out to our friends at the Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, who recently announced the winner of their Wacky Warning Label Contest: a warning not to use a 1,000-degree heat gun as a hair dryer. As funny as that might be.

A good winner, but what about these popular favorites?
  • Stapler: "Not to be used to hold down cowlicks."
  • Car: "Do not drive while blindfolded or unconscious."
  • Mr. Potato Head: "Not for consumption; will melt if baked, fried or julliened."
  • Nuclear waste: "Consumption by spiders, ants and/or alligators may lead to grotesque, monstrous mutations."
  • Lion: "Teeth are sharp; do not stick your head in mouth."
  • .50-caliber assault rifle: "Warning: May vaporize deer and/or hunting companions."
  • Presidential candidate: "May raise taxes; elect at your own risk."
  • "The View": "May cause extreme nausea."
  • Vending machine: "Do not pull over on top of yourself, you &%$#! idiot."


Anonymous said...

Republican: may try to bribe you.
Iraq: may give you a slight blown-up feeling.
North Pole: may melt if provoked, keep out of reach of Santa Claus.

MuppetLord said...

The worrying thing is that someone actually tried that......