Tuesday, January 31, 2006

They have news for us

Attention, funny writing type people. I recently got word from the fine, upstanding (i.e., charges have yet to be filed) folks at IGotNewsForYou.com that they want YOU! To do their job for them, apparently.

And their job is to write, funny, personalized satirical news stories tailored to individuals. For instance, in my case they might write, "Peter Chianca was seriously injured yesterday when his blog fell on top of him, trapping him for several hours before he was discovered by his golden retriever. Rumors that Chianca had been shaking the blog to get it to release a trapped bag of Doritos have yet to be confirmed by authorities." Etc.

They can't pay you, but here's what they can do: Absolutely nothing. But have pity on them and write something before they have to give up and go back to accounting.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Peter...at least, I think it was a plug. *smile*

We're glad you like the idea behind IGotNewsForYou and I hope your readers do as well.

If anyone visits our site from The At Large Blog and decides to contribute please let me know it was Peter that sent you (so we can reward him with nothing).

Thanks again!