Saturday, January 14, 2006

This week's column:
Come and meet those semi-famous feet

OK, I'll admit it: While the rest of you were watching PBS documentaries about Galileo last summer, I was watching "Dancing with the Stars." And by "the rest of you" I of course mean, nobody.

Because judging from the ratings, everyone with a television was watching "Dancing," in which celebrities -- the current definition of which seems to be, "slightly more famous than the chairman of your Board of Selectmen" -- are paired with professional ballroom dancers and put in front of a camera, where they perform brain surgery.

Just kidding! No network would really do that -- there's very little chance of someone's top accidentally falling off during brain surgery. No, actually they dance. They do this to varying degrees of success, ranging from passable to what Michael Flatley might look like if he died and was reincarnated as a living-dead zombie.

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1 comment:

Marti said...

Sadly, even if they ever have a show called, “Dancing with Completely Nobodies” I will be forced to decline, as the double-broken, metal-implanted ankles o’ mine can’t take the footwear. (What a coincidence that my last post was about my feet - LOL)

If they ever have a program called, “Sitting on the Couch with Bloggers” will you be my partner? LOL We’ll clean Kelly Monaco’s clock.