Monday, January 09, 2006

Intergalactic defense attorneys have
come out wholly in favor of the idea

Just when things were looking particularly bleak for the space program, good news: They're considering allowing alcohol on the International Space Station. And you know what that means: much better parties! ("Dude! Watch me float upside down again!")

Apparently Russian authorities think allowing cosmonauts to drink would "restore their strength," much in the same way vodka helps Russians get through those long, Siberian winters. All they'll need is some friendly sheep and felt boots and they'll really feel right at home.

Unfortunately, the buzzkills at NASA are still advocating for a "total ban" of alcohol in space, probably out of some uptight notion that the astronauts will get drunk and drive into a comet. Hopefuly they can reach a compromise -- maybe they could at least allow those blue drinks that Whoopi Goldberg used to serve on "Star Trek: The Next Generation."


Underachiever said...

I can just see it now. "Dude, My pee can float faster than yours."

or "I love you Yuri, *bwwarrup*, and I am not just saying that"

or "Yuri, I dare you to hit that button"

undr(a drunk cosmonaut is a happy one)

Mark said...

I don't get it?

I can understand the US not allowing its astronauts to drink (pro-religious, anti-anything-fun lobby), but how on earth can they make rules for any other nation's conduct up in space???

If I ever found myself up in space I'd want marijuana...hell yeah... and a blow-up doll.