Sunday, January 08, 2006

This week's column:
You could have predicted this

As regular readers of this column know, this is the time of year when I like to look back on my predictions from 12 months ago to see whether my keen journalistic insight served me well in prognosticating the major events for the coming year, or if they worked out pretty much like everything else in my life.

So let's see what I had to say about 2005:

"It will be another quiet year for natural disasters, and what minor incidents do occur will be handled expertly by the dedicated professionals at FEMA."

In retrospect, this may have been wishful thinking.

"The bigger the better -- low gas prices will spur the development of an SUV roughly the size of an armored troop carrier."

I may have been wrong about the gas prices, but I think the SUV cut me off on Route 128 yesterday.

"A funny little animal will become the movie star icon of the year with the unexpected success of the documentary, "March of the Ferrets."

Of course it would turn out to be penguins ... They've always had better PR. And they have that whole not-looking-like-rats thing going for them.

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