Tuesday, January 10, 2006

To ease you into it, the Web site
has an unintelligible foreign accent

I just found out that you can now place orders at Pizza Hut through the Internet. I have mixed emotions about this. Yes, you can see little pictures of all the items before you order, which is very helpful for people who have never seen a pizza. But isn’t part of the fun of carry-out running the phone-order gauntlet? It usually goes something like this:

Customer: I’d like one large pepperoni pizza.
Helpful fast-food employee: That’s one cinnamon sticks?
Customer: No, one large PEPPERONI PIZZA.
Employee: Is that a More4ALL™ Pizza, a Pan Pizza, a Hand-Tossed Style Pizza, a Thin 'N Crispy®, a Stuffed Crust Pizza, a 4forALL® Pizza or The Full House XL Pizza™?
Customer: Um … Just a plain pizza.
Employee: Please hold.

On the other hand, it’s one step closer to being able to live in an airtight coccoon with wires coming out of our heads, so that’s always good.

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Underachiever said...

This makes 1-800-DIAL-A-COLONIC seem like nothin'

undr(may I have the "Full Blast Special" please)