Sunday, January 01, 2006

This week's column:
Some handy tips on what was tops

It's that time of year again, when major media outlets release their annual lists of "top stories." This offers them the chance to put the important news events of the year into proper context, and to reiterate all the times the president screwed up.

But how often do these reports ignore the stories that really say something about the way we live? In other words, the stories that I wanted to write humor columns about, but found I only had two paragraphs' worth of jokes. With that in mind, here are the At Large top five news stories of 2005:

5.) Chinese man pulls car with ears while standing on eggs. That's the type of headline you don't see nearly often enough in the biased liberal media. But if he were standing on the Koran, well, you can bet it would have made all the papers.

For the rest of this week's AT LARGE by Peter Chianca, click here.


Unknown said...

I dislike spammers, so I have little sympathy for the Ruskie - LOL

I have a personal favorite, since my kids play a lot of video games and I am constantly having to defend that it isn’t rotting their brains or turning them into serial killers. This story is about a stabbing over a Monopoly game!

Best wishes to you for a great (and funny) year!

Unknown said...

Oh we have an early contender for 2006!

"Man shoots off finger while using restroom"

Anonymous said...






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