Saturday, January 28, 2006

This week's column:
Not playing with a full décor

When it comes to home décor, I’m not quite sure how you’d describe my household, although if pressed I’d peg it at somewhere between Early Nickelodeon and Modern Golden Retriever. Not that having a hip, trendy home isn’t a priority for us -- it’s just tough to make that work when the central piece of furniture in your living area is a Fisher Price Sweet Magic Kitchen.

Then there are the dogs, the aforementioned golden retriever and a black Lab, who dictate that any home-decorating items that could be mistaken for chew toys (so all of them) must be placed above chest level. (Granted, this is not a new problem; rumor has it that Ming was constantly having his vases gnawed into paste by the Shih-Tzus.) The dogs, of course, tend to become part of the décor themselves for hours at a time, to the point where my kids have been known to have picnics on them.

I bring this all up because I recently received an e-mail from someplace called "Environmental Graphics" about "What’s hot in home décor for 2006." I don’t usually read e-mails like that, but I couldn’t help but take notice this time when I saw that in 2006, "orange will literally be on fire." I’m thinking that has to affect your insurance rates.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your column and I look forward to getting it in the mail every week. You're funny on Dave's blog, too. See ya around!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you don't have carpet...please...

Between the dogs and the Sweet Magic Kitchen...

We have carpet here, or at least what used to be carpet. It's now more along the lines of frayed camouflage, or the pelt of a really sickly bear. I'm hoping at some point it'll be so stained from an assortment of cat vomit and kid vomit (and other stuff) that it'll go from the light gray to a smooth, coffee color and look better than it did originally. Or I'll put wood in.