Sunday, October 23, 2005

This week's column:
What a difference a month makes

We are currently in the midst of National Toilet Tank Repair Month. This strikes me as odd, given that if there was something appreciably wrong with your toilet, I would think you wouldn't want to wait until October to fix it. (I don't know if there's a National Toilet Seat Repair Month, but similarly I wouldn't let the problem go for too long, unless you want to end up the subject of one of those stories EMTs laugh about when they drink together.)

I bring this up because I recently learned that October is home to a veritable potpourri of official observances that nobody ever heard of, except possibly toilet tank repairpersons.

For instance, did you know that October is International Starman Month? This is apparently meant to honor not the forgotten 1984 movie in which Jeff Bridges plays a naked space alien, but rather the subsequent forgotten TV series starring Robert Hayes, who may or may not have been naked, or an alien -- you'd have to infiltrate one of the International Starman Month cotillions to find out for sure.

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dhamel said...

And don't forget! The first week of October is Buy a Friend a Book Week!