Wednesday, October 19, 2005

And if they could make 'Family
Guy' dirtier, we're sure they would

When I heard that the Parents Television Council had slammed six Fox shows on its annual list of the least family-friendly programs, I couldn't help but think: Only six? Fox must be losing its touch. I remember the day when it could fill all 10 slots just with "Married With Children."

Anyway, I'm sure it will do better when it launches this year's mid-season replacements, including:
  • Shasta McSex
  • That Sex Show
  • Who Wants to &%$#! a &%$#! &%$#!
  • The O-Sex
  • Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex
  • When Animals Devour Small Children


Underachiever said...

Or who can forget the soon to be classic family show:

Sexy McSex's Violent Drug Promoting Comedy Hour of Sex.

Starring Andrew Dice Clay and Rip Taylor. With a special guest appearance by Pee Wee Herman.

OH the laughs we'll have.

Undr(Future Fox CEO)

smudge said...

I'm not opposed to the Shasta McSexy hour. I forgive Fox. The station is clearly run by emotionally disturbed early teens raised in violent Eastern European brothels.

I've no real beef with the promote and glamorize drug use and smoking. After all they are merely immitating life where all of us take drugs and smoke still. (Well okay their census was based on everyone they've ever put on a reality show so it might be a little skewed)

I can never forgive them for cancelling Firefly. That was just wrong. But it was on the wrong network. No one was having sex, taking drugs, abusing anyone else or even swearing in a comprehensible language. Far to classy for the Fox so I understand why it was submarined.

Now go see Serenity and then by the 1st season DVD collection. Or the otherway around preferably for the full impact. Excellent stuff.

Unknown said...

Can we have When Pets Attack The Simple Life?

Or Futurama Bigger, Longer and Uncut: Bender Gone Wild(er)?

(Condolences to smudge re:Firefly)

DJ Theo said...

The whole Parents Television Council is a load of crap. They should just shut up and get used to today's culture already.

There are ways to stop kids from watching TV shows these days, like the v-chip and password protection. And maybe actually paying some attention to your kids once and a while would help.

I mean, it's ok if they want to make a list so parents know about these shows and what's in them. But going on about some of them like they're sinful and should be taken off the air is just plain stupidity.

Jamie said...

What amuses me is that on one hand, Fox is the mouthpiece of the radical right with Fox News Channel, which all the religious nutbars revere as "their news channel;" and on the other hand you have the Fox Network, which the religious nutbars are tearing apart as not appropriate for the family (whatever that means).

Anyone getting the impression that Fox is a lot smarter than we think they are? They're catching two audiences at once, setting them against each other with their content, and laughing all the way to the bank.

MuppetLord said...

Ih? What's wrong with CSI?