Monday, October 03, 2005

Nipsey Russell is dead?
I didn't even know he was [BLANK]

He didn't make too many movies
And he was not often praised highly
but when it came to Match Game guests
He sure beat that Charles Nelson Reilly!

Rest in peace, Nipsey Russell. I'm sure there was a place waiting for you betweeen Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost at that great poetry roundtable in the sky.


Andrea said...

Oh I don't know. Charles Nelson Reilly had that certain je ne sais quois... I'd say rather that he and Nipsey Russell were neck-and-neck in the claim-to-fame area,

Erm, I didn't mean that to sound like it looks.

Pete Chianca said...

I'd tend to agree ... But unfortunately, nothing rhymes with "Brett Somers."

Anonymous said...

Sure something rhymes with Brett Somers. Just have to be risque and think hummers.....

THN said...

We hear it was second-hand smoke from sitting behind Richard Dawnson that did him in.

Anonymous said...

fuck monkey