Monday, August 22, 2005

Unfortunately, that date
stamp hurts like the dickens

Shhhhh! You might wake our Muslim!

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time. It seems libraries have started lending out people. Thankfully for humanity, it seems this library, which is in Holland (motto: "Wackier than Belgium") is not lending people out for odd jobs or activities I can't mention without setting off the adult content filters. Rather, it's doing it to challenge stereotypes. That was my next guess.

According to, "People can borrow gay people, gypsies and Muslims for an hour and talk to them about their lives." Says the director, "Clients can lend out a Muslim woman in a head scarf and ask her the questions they wouldn't dare to if they met on the street." Presumably questions like, "Is that your protective dust cover?"

I jest, but I think this type of program is important and has vast potential, even outside Holland's borders. For instance, here in America I hear they're considering the same concept with Hooters waitresses.


Amy Lynn said...

That is strangely hilarious. I want to know how they check them out. Do they have a bar code? Do you have to use your library card? Do they just wait in the book stacks until they are needed? So many questions...

Suzie said...

A strange but interesting concept.
So when will you be able to take them home with you for a couple of days? I'd like to order a Mexican that has amazing cooking abilities for a one week cooking class on good quality Mexican food. Then the Mexican and I will go in on a partnership together and make maaaad money!

Marti said...

I am reminded of the Seinfeld episode where George tries to make a black friend, any black friend, so that he can appear better in the eyes of his boss.

Poor George, if only this service had been available then.....


Mags said...

I just read about this yesterday and thought it was hilarious. I wonder how they handle overdues?

If I were the librarian, I would bribe the people who were being taken out to keep the "renter" out longer than normal, then I would charge an insane amount of money in late fees and split it with them.