Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Like 'City Slickers,' except
I'm coming from a suburb

Off, inexplicably, to a dude ranch in N.Y. for three days with the family starting tomorrow. I know I am in fact a dude, because about 20 minutes after my recent column on the dangers of flip-flops was published, I received an e-mail from a gentleman by the name of Barefoot Ted that read, in full, "Dude, take off your shoes and learn to live a little."

Apparently Barefoot Ted likes to climb mountains without shoes on; this reminds me of the people who insist on climbing Mt. Everest without the little oxygen tanks. They all need to get in more.

Regardless, if I wind up riding a horse, barefoot, bareback or otherwise bare, you'll read about it here this weekend. If I get trampled, you'll know why you haven't heard from me.


Armaedes said...

Personally I prefer climbing Mount Everest with aid of an oxygen tank, but no shoes. Believe me, after the frostbite causes you to get prosthetic appendages, the climb is a lot easier.

lucylocket said...

Caution-Don't ride bareback bare, but if you do, it could be an interesting post.

smudge said...

If he rides bareback bare it'll break his post!
Have fun with the horseys. Just don't be last in line to get a horse. Otherwise you might end up with the "backup" horse. The leftover horse is exactly the one you do not ever want to be on. The horse knows it's the last pick and it's not happy about it.

praynlady said...

I hate to post anonymously so I will just plead with you for no comments on my GENE pool.
I am one of many in a hunting family and my father got busted, tracking a deer he shot......
in Flip flops or as we called them growing up.....thongs.

I know you can't use that term now but I did agree with the lady that said she'd rather be barefoot than have a wedgie between the toes. That smarts and I fear that if it occurs for too long a period, one might have to call the .....
are you ready for this?

Toe Truck!

Tomas said...

uh.... i thought Dude Ranch was a salad dressing for men... i'm confused

Underachiever said...

Dear Mr. Chi-Chianca(I nickname, it's annoying)

Yeah, well try climbing Mt Everest in flip flops. That will learn ya.

Undr ----Motto:I don't wear thongs(the underwear) because I always put em' on the wrong way.

Mermaid Melanie said...

ride 'em cowboy! sounds like a great time. You will have a new found respect for the beast of burden.

can't wait to read about it...


Barefoot Ted said...

Howdy Folks

Well, I am the person who wrote the original quote.

Yep, I run barefoot. Climb mountains barefoot. Take showers barefoot. Sleep barefoot.

What can I say, I just love high-tech stuff: Nano-technology, self-healing materials, sensors-in-the-foot-connected-to-the-brain with Open Source software that has been written and re-written and perfected for a billion years.

Barefoot Ted