Wednesday, August 10, 2005

As Chewbacca said when he
was trying to repair the hyperdrive, 'WAAAAAUUUUUUGGGH!'

I don’t believe it. Somebody beat me to the idea of doing a one-man show that reenacts the entire Star Wars trilogy. And after all these years I’ve spent practicing it in the shower.

Still, I’ve got to hand it to Charles Ross, who seems to actually be making a living by acting out his geek fantasies, unlike that poor “Star Wars Kid” whose light saber battle was distributed all over the Internet a few years back. All he got was a painfully embarrassing adolescence. I mean, even more painfully embarrassing than all the other Star Wars fans.

Anyway, they won’t catch me off guard twice. The Star Wars idea may be taken, but watch for my one-man reenactment of the entire 1980s output of John Cusack coming soon to a theater near you. A few more months practicing holding that boom box over my head and I should be all set.


mrs. awesome said...

be sure it's playing "in your eyes" because we as chicks love that song.

No-L said...

You should have someone chasing you? Saying "I want my $2.00"

BTW I love John Cusack!

Mollenkamp said...

Kickboxing is the sport of the future.

Tommie Closson said...

One man 80s Cusack show?

Genius. VERY Top Five.