Sunday, August 21, 2005

This week's column:
Putting his bare foot forward

You may have read my column a few weeks ago in which I declared I had never worn flip-flop sandals. By “you” I mean the handful of people who read this column who are not my mother or a frustrated copy editor who’d rather be working on his novel.

Anyway, that column garnered a sizable response from readers concerned that my aversion to flip-flops was some sort of cry for help. In fact, the column hadn’t been in print for more than 20 minutes when I got an e-mail from someone named Barefoot Ted, who offered the following piece of advice: “Dude, take off your shoes and learn to live a little.”

It’s a simple statement, but I have to say it came as something of a wake-up call. I was particularly moved by the way Barefoot Ted referred to me as “Dude” — it was like he was admitting me into his inner cabal, offering me a glimpse into the very heart of his Barefoot Tedness.

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mrs. awesome said...

dude, so did you do it? take off your shoes, live a little?

Pete Chianca said...

You have to read the column! But here's a clue: No I didn't.

Suzie said...

Hahaha, "WWBTD"... That's great!

So to you, everyday life is an extreme sport if you add a little imagination... minus the flip flops?

No-L said...

I still think you need to take off the shoes, DUDE!!! Seriously go get a pedicure and some leather slippers and enjoy yourself. Who cares what your feet look like... well if there bad I don't want to see them ;)

BTW WWBTD is hilarious!

praynlady said...

WWBTD! Too funny!
A DUDE wearing leather?! Now theres a thought. Ride a cow then wear it! haha
Sorry activists, just kidding.
P. really enjoyed your article in this weeks colomn. I am still laughing,

GO, Barefoot Ted, Go!

Barefoot Ted said...


This is me, Barefoot Ted, and I say Howdy from Sunny Southern California.

I have had some great adventures this year including running a 100 mile trail race and doing a rim to rim at the Grand Canyon all barefoot.

Check out my blog for the latest.

And, dude, I sure hope you found a little time to FEEL the world a little. It really does feel good.

Best Regards, Barefoot Ted

PS. If you must cover, use the FiveFinges shoes by Vibram.