Sunday, February 12, 2006

Next week, Alberto Gonzales
will be in front of the Senate to
explain why it was perfectly legal

So Vice President Dick Cheney has shot somebody. Franky, I'm shocked. That it took this long, I mean.


smudge said...

Ah he does love to shoot defenseless animals doesn't he? I think some birds were hit by the spray as well.

Ever been on a quail range before? These hand fed pigeons have hardly any clue whats going on let along that some guy with a stick ten feet away is about to blow them to kingdom come.

The trick hunting these things is usually to not blow off your own foot when they wander up thinking you have some grain in your pocket. For the very skilled huntsmen only. And to shoot them with buckshot... wouldn't that kind of ruin the (w)hole point of hunting birds? I mean other than to just blow away a bunch of defenseless animals.

I wonder if we looked around the old Cheney homestead we might not dig up a few strangled cats from his "boys will be boys" phase growing up? Okay that one was uncalled for. Besides no doubt the existence of Dick Cheney ever being born has probably been classified and blackholed under "Executive privilege" let alone how he spent his youth. I mean other than dodging the draft.

I don't know what he had to worry about. He'd have been working a cozy desk job because he can't shoot for crap!

Roger Owen Green said...

I'm glad you clarified. I heard he was shooting Quayle, but now I know it was a typoe, er, typo.

Anonymous said...

His wife's been saying he needs new glasses for ages.

And since the government is doing some serious deficit spending, he tries to cut costs by eliminating 'the middle man'. So he has to do the dirty work himself instead of using a hired goon/gun.

Kevin said...

Yahoo! reported, yesterday or today, that Cheney didn't have a hunting license, so was hunting illegally.