Friday, February 17, 2006

Says here you got the bargain plan, so
we'll just be saving the first floor today

Disturbing Public Safety Trend of the Week: Fire departments that will only save your house if you've paid your membership dues. I'm not sure if there's a firefighter's code, but if there is one, I'm guessing that ain't in it.

Apparently Bibaldo Rueda of Monett, Mo. offered to pay the dues as the fire gutted his home, but the Monett Rural Fire Department does not have a policy for on-the-spot billing. I'm sure they called him the next business day to set up an account, though. Well, they would have if he still had a phone.

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John said...

Actually, the first fire brigades were Roman. A rich Roman would hire the brigade, and they'd show up at the fire. He'd offer to buy the (burning) house, and then would have the fire brigade save his new home.

Golden rule at work: If you have the gold, you can hire a fire department.

Besides, think about this one - if there was no person in peril, there's no foul. Seriously, wouldn't it be better if all taxes were discretionary? I'm betting my mortgage company would like me to pay this bill . . . caveat emptor. Which gets us back to the Romans . . .