Sunday, February 26, 2006

This week's column:
Their best shot at dumping Dick

Of all the ways Dick Cheney could have picked to get himself out of office, one that I wouldn’t have predicted is shooting a lawyer. Not that it was a bad idea; it just seems a little obvious.

Of course, they have to find some way to appoint somebody like Mitt Romney vice president before 2008, to give a Republican an incumbents’-eye view in the next presidential election. After those initial weasly accounts about how Harry Whittington had jumped in front of the quail like an overprotective Secret Service agent, it looked like Cheney might have found his way out.

But then Dick took the blame and is soldiering on for now, so it’s up to Karl Rove and the Republican political machine (motto: "Leaks? We got ’em") to come up a new way for Cheney to step aside for the "right reasons." Preferably something that will result in the vice president leaving office but still looking decent and manly, like getting run over by a team of stallions.

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smudge said...

Your spinning the wrong way! This is not a bad thing for Cheney or the Whitehouse. Now that he's shot a man he has street cred. Plus he can say he's been in combat... technically the other guy was armed. He can pull that baby out next time someone starts mentioning his five draft deferments.

A recent press conference with Karl Rove lends credence to my opinion. If you look carefully in the background you can see Cheney pass by an open doorway sporting a dorag and some serious gold jewelry including a four finger ring reading DICK