Monday, February 06, 2006

This week's column:
Everybody wants to get into the facts

I have a confession to make: Some of the claims I've made in my columns over the years may have been slightly exaggerated. For instance, there's a chance I may actually be a large Latino man named Carlo "The Bull" Esposito.

I figured I should disclose this in the wake of what happened with James Frey, who with his memoir "A Million Little Pieces" ruined it for all the other "non-fiction" writers (former junkies, abuse survivors, humorists) who had been planning to make things up.

Of course, Frey (who at last check was claiming he thought "memoir" was French for "memo") has been in big trouble since The Smoking Gun Web site revealed his story was embellished a tad. Not that he's in hot water with his publisher, especially, although it's rumored they have serious plans to wade through the ocean of cash he's made them and give him a semi-firm knuckle-rattling.

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