Friday, February 03, 2006

Also, Steve Jobs will come to your
house and turn it down himself, just
before he smacks you with an iBook

Well, it was bound to happen: A California man is suing Apple because he says the company didn't warn him that using their iPod to pipe extremely loud music directly into his ear canal could possible have an affect on his hearing. We can only imagine what will happen when he realizes that leaving the headphones in 24 hours a day causes them to graft on to your ears, turning you into a half-human cyborg. I smell class action!

The kicker is that the iPod manual does in fact warn customers about the potential for permanent hearing loss if the player’s earphones are used a high volume -- but the complaint alleges that Apple "did not specify what constituted a high volume." Thus future versions of the manual will include the phrase, "loud enough to keep you from hearing the crickets chirping in your empty head, you &%$#! moron."


Jorge said...

Hold on, I gotta go chop off my legs with a saw. Know any good lawyers?

praynlady said...

My thinking is this...If I, sitting in my car at a traffic light, can hear your music coming from headphones from an ipod or anything else.....IT'S TOO LOUD! What are they thinking? This is why lawsuits keep getting out of ihand!