Friday, February 24, 2006

Another reason to go for the milkshakes
made of vegetable byproducts instead

OK, let's play "Guess the real headline." Which of these turned up on this week?
  1. Household cleaning products may explode, say scientists
  2. Study: Soft drink 'fizz' can lead to brain aneurysms
  3. Fast-food ice dirtier than toilet water
  4. New breed of lice grow to size of dimes

Yes I know, all seem pretty much equally unsettlingly possible, but the correct answer is 3 -- turns out fast food ice is dirtier than toilet water, at least according to a Florida seventh grader's science project, which found E.coli bacteria in the ice from five restaurants in South Florida. "These [bacteria] don't belong there," said Dr. David Katz, medical contributor to "Good Morning America," proving once again why he deserves his astronomical salary.

Anyway, three cheers to the seventh grader, and I was wondering if he could next test the fries to see what they're dirtier than. I'd make some guesses, but I'm afraid you might be eating.


Mags said...

Well, have you ever tasted the water in Florida? I always thought it was an abundance of Sulfur that made it taste/smell I know it was just feces...

Kris said...

For me this is in the category of "it would be so funny if only it weren't true." Blech.

Are you sure the milkshakes just have VEGETABLE byproducts?

bill's bitter pills said...

They did this test on French fries (or are they REALLY American fries?). It was unscientific...but in the movie Supersize Me...the fries NEVER got moldy even after weeks of exposure to the air. Meaning fast food fries are OBVIOUSLY made of plastic!

Hey, I like your blog. Do you want to trade blog links? Mine is

Jorge said...

I read that article. Think I made a note to mock it at a future date. We should all be celebrating the cleaner toilet water. Silver lining or whatever.

Kevin said...

I would've guessed all of them, actually. I thought it was a trick question.

Incidentally: 'I think i'll pass, incase they decide to let us know in a few years that there's a trace of cyanide in the milkshakes.'