Thursday, March 16, 2006

What's yankin' Annie Proulx's chain today?

This just in: "Brokeback Mountain" author Annie Proulx, fresh off her scathing essay in The Gaurdian about the Academy giving the Best Picture Oscar to "Crash," has released the following list of cinematic atrocities that really push her buttons:
  • "That Tim Burton 'Shaggy Dog' movie. I mean, a guy turns into a dog? Come on."
  • "Have you seen 'Big Momma's House 2'? Like anyone would believe that's a real black woman."
  • "Those movie popcorn sizes -- who can eat that much popcorn? They give you like 10 pounds of it to justify charging you eight bucks, but I'd rather have a smaller popcorn and pay less money."
  • "'Failure to Launch' -- you can't see it, but I'm putting my finger down my throat."
  • "People who pronounce my name 'Prolcks.' Don't they see the 'x' in there?"


Jorge said...

That's just sad... she's giving good writing a bad name. Then again, good writing has never returned my calls. Let it burn, I guess.

SportyChick said...

"Heffalumps," what a great word. I'll have to work that in to a conversation tomorrow...

SportyChick said...

I'm back because this has been bugging me all day, and I have to ask (and risk ridicule).

So just how does one pronounce Proulx?

I mean, I went to college, I've read two of her books, I speak more than one foreign language, ... but I have no clue.


Pete Chianca said...

I think it rhymes with "Pooh."

SportyChick said...

I see. "Pooh." Like what she did to Crash. Pooh pooh.

(thanks, by the way, I hate sounding illiterate).

Anonymous said...

Proulx se pronounce Proo. c'est un nom typiquement Quebecois! :)