Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's either a baby or a convertible

and Melania Knauss Trump announce the birth of their son, Barron William, March 20 at a New York hospital so exclusive they wouldn’t let you in if blood were spurting from your carotid artery.

Mr. Trump announced that the baby was “great, super, spectacular, the greatest, best baby ever.” He was delivered by Dr. Sydney Rosenberg after the Trumps’ previous physician, Stanley Greenblatt, was determined by Mr. Trump to be “really, really stupid … just really an idiot” and ejected from the hospital, dragging his little wheeled suitcase behind him.

Barron William joins several step-siblings, two ex-wives, dozens of servants, and former “Apprentice” contestant Chris Shelton, who Mr. Trump has let live in his stable ever since he sobbed in the boardroom. Workers are still completing the baby’s nursery, which will be more than 2,000 square feet and is being built under the icy-cold glare of Carolyn Kepcher.

Mr. Trump announced the birth yesterday on the “Imus in the Morning” program, at which time host Don Imus congratulated him and then called the baby an “empty-headed moron,” at which time he was scolded by his sidekick, Charles, and apologized.


Jorge said...

It'd be great to be Trump's kid. Yeah, I'm not much of a "worker".

Anonymous said...

I've cracked the code! I'm into the blog! Finally - its been stumping me for months. Pete, the blog is great - I find the Trumpster amusing, and I love the fact that Regis went on his honeymoon with him! Keep up the funny blogging...

Roger Owen Green said...

It was either the NY POST or the Daily News that had a picture of Barron with a Donald wig on.
Nothing more need to be said.