Sunday, July 31, 2005

This week's column:
Flipping out over footwear flop

You probably noticed that I hadn’t weighed in on the controversy over the Northwestern women’s lacrosse team wearing flip-flops to meet the president. This is because I’ve been carefully considering the issue, and also because I know the average women’s lacrosse player could take me in a fight, even without the stick.

Still, I’ve decided that I really must speak out and declare: Flip-flops are just wrong. Not necessarily for meeting the president — with his track record, he’s lucky anyone visits him at all. No, I’m against flip-flops in general, because I believe it’s fundamentally wrong to declare two slabs of rubber and some string to be actual footwear. What would Florsheim say?

Granted, I’m no expert, being as I’ve never worn a flip-flop in my life. I suppose there’s a chance that if I did I’d be overcome by exhilaration, reveling in the freedom I felt as I skipped down the road in my practically-bare feet, my rubber slabs slapping the ground like hands joyously smacking against a bongo drum. But I doubt it.

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Janie said...

No. the women should not wear flip flops to meet the president. They should dress up, and wear dress shoes.

No-L said...

What should they wear? Their Sunday best? Considering they are the best womens lacrosse team, we are talking about THE BEST TEAM. I would imagine they eat, sleep and breath lacrosse. So maybe that is their Sunday best. Personally I think we need an expert opinion on this, let's see what the Design Goddess has to say about it.

Chianca, I can't believe you have never worn slippers. You should get out more.

Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion that no one over the age of, say, 14 should ever display their feet publicly. I don't know where people get the idea that their adult toes are attractive. So many of them are hideous.

mrs. awesome said...

my humble professional opinion is this:

no, flip-flops were ABSOLUTELY not acceptable white house attire. that is atrocious and goes to show that americans are slobs at heart. what must other nations think of us? i think that shows a lack of respect for the office of the president, whether you like his politics or not.

on flip-flops in general, i waver. as far as being a valid fashion choice, i don't believe any true fashion follower would choose flip-flops over another shoe. that being said, they do have their uses---locker room (beware of the foot fungus if you don't!), beach, pregancy (when nothing cute fits your feet). however, all these uses are in a very casual setting. I live in fl, and i think people here rely on flip-flops WAY too much. also, as debra pointed out, most people need more foot hygiene. i'd say about 90% of flip-flop devotees have some nasty ass feet. clip your toenails dammit! it's called scrubbing with a pumice stone, okay !?! when the polish is chipped, remove it!

enough said. :)

No-L said...

Grody Jo-Dee aka Design Goddess, those are some great points. However Debra, I can't agree with you on the slippers after 14. I agree if you have some nasty feet don't show them but to put an age limit on them. I feel maybe you have just never been exposed to up kept feet. I think that I have some of the Cutest Feet if you don't believe me check them out for yourself. ;)

Sorry Chianca, I had to shamelessly plug my feet.

Kuroaki said...

IMHO, they're only meant for the bloody bathroom. Before the term flip-flops were invented, they were called bathroom slippers.

Rogue said...

Who knew that the baring or not to bare feet would illicit such a response.
I stand here on the subject:
No wedgies in the hiney therefore no wedgies between my toes.
It's fuzzy logic but it's what keeps me going.
I'd rather go footwearless than have some clapping piece of rubber following me around.
As for there presence in the White House, I hope those women washed before they flopped on in.

Unknown said...

But flip-flops are comfie! I recently bought 2 pair of what I thought to be extremely expensive flip-flops by Reef and they are the best ever. Point being, if you're comfortable, aren't you that much more powerful? I mean, if I showed up to meet the president (or some other important person) in some clothing I rarely wore and weren't as comfortable, I wouldn't be as secure. Wear flip flops if they make you feel good damnit! You're only powerful and effective if you feel good!