Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Plus, talk about shrinkage

Good news, in case you haven't heard: Although he didn't break the world record for breath-holding, "magician" David Blaine has emerged from his fish bowl after a week underwater and, much to the surprise of doctors and scientists, his skin didn't fall immediately off his body like a dessicated prune.

However, I can't help but wonder how the difficulties he encountered, including "sharp, shooting pain like a knife being stabbed" into every muscle -- bet that never happened to Doug Henning! -- will affect his future stunts. I'm talking specifically about his plans to:
  • Seal himself inside an operating heavy-duty dryer for a week and a half;
  • Have himself buried in cement under Giants Stadium for 31 years; and
  • Have himself put through a Cuisinart and painstakingly reassembled by Chinese seamstresses.


Kris said...

I wouldn't put any of that past him! Well, except the last one. Talented seamstresses are so hard to come by.

Jorge said...

Magicians are becoming an even weirder bunch. One of these days, stunt men will begin making things disappear.