Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Of course, it could be worse ... He
could be making more new movies

Oh, good! George Lucas is re-releasing the first Star Wars Trilogy once more, this time with the original, un-tinkered with movies tacked on to them. That's a relief, because I was starting to think I wouldn't be able to spend my money on the same movies again for the seventh time.

You'll recall how last year, less than a year after releasing the original (updated) Star Wars trilogy on DVD, he released it again, for the same price, with less special features, with different packaging. Yes, he wanted to see if he could get us to pay $49.95 for a cardboard box. Just who does he think would be that gullible?

OK, shut up, it was a nice looking box.

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Jorge said...

We need to start betting on how long till Episode 7 is released. Or maybe Episode 0... that has a more modern ring to it.