Tuesday, July 12, 2005

But we better keep eating
those corn dogs, just in case

Nice going, men! Scientists have finally determined that obese men are more obese than obese women. Just add it to the list of other things we're better than women at, like war, channel surfing and painting our bodies blue for football games.

Um, and being competitive. There's always that.


No-L said...

I am pretty competitive, however I am glad that you guys are winning this one.

Is this really considered a win?

Horsey said...

There is a lady that lives down the street from me. She comes out of her home about once a year. I think she came outside today to scream, "Curse you male scientists! I'll single-handedly skew the statistics for a female win!"

Is it wrong that I'm in love with her? I love her for the person that's inside her (she swallowed my prom date in 92, and I swear I can still hear her screaming in there).

Mermaid Melanie said...

large larger and largest...who is better, and who is bigger. couldn't they find something useful to do with that time?

Gosh...yea and now i want a corn dog. thanks for that!


the Witch said...

Dog is man's best friend.

Diamonds are a girls best friend.

We win again.

praynlady said...
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porchwise said...

I mistakenly left this up on my PC to go take a leak (an every fifteen minute event at my age) and my wifey saw it. Then I opened my mouth and said, "See, I've been trying to tell you that..." so now I'm eating my corn dogs out at Fido's house in the back yard.

mman said...

Another great post. I do think women have men beat in the breast cancer area, but maybe in a few years with this obesity thing we might lead on this one. O.K. testicular cancer we can always beat them there.

The Wanderer said...

As a super overachiever in the obese department, I challenge you to a race around the world...no wait, I'm just gonna sit here and catch my breath...no its fine...you keep running, I'll just eat your corn dog while your gone.