Wednesday, July 13, 2005

As long as this doesn't somehow
involve my swimming pool, I'm in!

In my line of work, you get a lot of requests. Most of them are not significant enough to fit into my busy schedule, but every so often you get one that makes you stand up and take notice. And more often than not, it's one with a subject line that says "Spirit Quest Giant Squid Survey Briefing Invitation."

So sure enough, when I received an e-mail titled just that earlier today, I immediately skipped over all the ones requesting I send my bank information to someone I've never met in Nigeria or take an herbal supplement that would guarantee a certain physical state that would be embarrassing at Rotary Club meetings, and read on.

The note read, "A world media event to succeed in filming the Giant Squid alive in its own natural habitat is underway. This will be covered by major broadcasters globally. Needed now are sponsors, investing co-directors and interested professionals." Well, let me just say to the folks at Reverie Productions that I sincerely doubt they will find a professional more interested in Giant Squid Survey Briefings than myself, and I hereby pledge to do whatever I can to further the cause, short of donating any actual time or money.

And to the giant squids, I can only say: Hang on. We're coming.


High Power Rocketry said...

I hope you dont mind, but I have linked to your page from mine.

the Witch said...

Giant squid = giant calamari.

Nicole said...

This is interesting. It was my understanding that giant squid go too deep underwater, where it's too dark for filming, and that's why no biologists have actually been able to observe them in their natural habitat.

I understood that scientists have attached cameras to the bodies of sperm whales, a natural predator of giant squid, but the cameras have usually been knocked off the whales when they dive in groups to feed on the squid.

It must be a joke. That, or I'm ill-informed. Either way, I get a kick out of your blog, and I keep coming back. Keep it up.

Rogue said...

Bring butter.
Lots of it.

Cavcom278 said...

FROM THE MIDDLE OF BAGHDAD;that has got to be the BEST laugh iv'e had in weeks.thanks,cavcom278

C.H. Au Alexander said...

it was cool

Sorcha said...

I can't believe it.

They said I was the secret special squid saviour!

I have not heard back from them since.

Was I wrong to believe?