Monday, June 06, 2005

We can only imagine
what he threw at the bellhop

Wait a minute, those cops are corrupt!
Didn't you see "L.A. Confidential"?

All I have to say is, what is the world coming to when a millionaire Oscar-winning movie star can't throw a phone at a concierge without being arrested? I mean, isn't that what you become a millionaire Oscar-winning movie star for in the first place -- to throw telephones at concierges?

In fact, I'd argue that the concierge in this case should be drummed out of the International Society of Concierges for making such a fuss. After all, any concierge will tell you that's among the first things they teach you in concierge school: Be courteous, always have directions to local landmarks on hand, and smile graciously through whatever teeth you have left after millionaire Oscar-winning movie stars throw telephones at you. To do any less and still call yourself a concierge would be, well, non-concierge-like.

OK, OK, I admit it. I just like saying "concierge."


TwistedNoggin said...

Some reply in-kind should be legally accepable in my opinion. You should have a right to stuff the phone in his mouth and say "Here, sweetie. Baby need a pacifier?" (shove)

the Witch said...

Yes, over concierging is fun for all, but can we get back to pants'ing movies?

Kelly Love said...

So, let's say I threw a phone or phone-like object at a concierge (hypothetically), because I am not an Oscar winning actress, I could just go on my merry way?

Interesting, interesting. I feel like I may be less likely to bother with pleasantries and become slightly more demanding of service folk in the future.

Nicole said...

*Off Topic*

He bears a striking resemblance to Ray Romano in that picture...

Anonymous said...

Poor Russ, he's out there doing it tough and making a mark for Aussies, and get's arrested just for engaging in our national sport: biffing people for no adequately explined reason.

Greg Finnegan said...

"Concierge" is fun. I also like Madelyn Cates' pronunciation in the movie The Producers: "I'm thu consi-urge".