Thursday, June 09, 2005

Also, babyfaced people look
especially bad sticking out of tanks

I have to admit I'm a little skeptical about the new Princeton University study that says candidates with "baby faces" are less likely to win than those with more mature or rugged looks. I say this because we all know what happened to John Kerry, and he looked like a hot dog that had been left too long under a heat lamp. On the other hand, have you looked at a picture of John McCain lately?

I rest my case.


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Jazz said...

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Jamie said...

There's definitely something to this. I have a baby-face, and in my first job, I actually had to grow a beard to be taken seriously by the clients I was sent out to help. Otherwise I looked like a little kid.

As much as Americans try to look more youthful, age still bestows wisdom in the eye of the beholder (in most cases).

Anonymous said...

i vote for the guy thats willing to take responsability for the last guys mistakes and his own .... the true grit type .. so yah if he looks like a noobe he might as well be a noob

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