Sunday, May 22, 2005

This week's column:
A Force of a different color

OK, I'll admit I'm hesitant to write anything negative about "Star Wars," given that the last time I did that -- when Episode II came out -- I was lambasted with e-mails from Internet Jedis who apparently took it as some kind of personal affront. Why they're so sensitive I don't know, given that George Lucas makes my annual salary every day while flossing.

But really, I can't see how they could blame me for coming down hard on "Attack of the Clones," a movie that featured, well, the name "Attack of the Clones," and also the following actual exchange of dialogue:

Padme: "We used to come here for school retreat. We would swim to that island every day. I love the water. We used to lie out on the sand and let the sun dry us and try to guess the names of the birds singing."

Anakin: (Chops off her head with lightsaber.)

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Dee Jour said...

You know, a film looks so magnficient up on screen. I remember when The Crow was released and people thought 'oh wow' but the script is total crap.

Personally I think it's a money making exercise. Yes, there are 'sequels' but making a prequel is something like 'biting off more than one can chew(bacca)'

Jim Ryan said...

Don't feel bad. I fell out with Star Wars when Luke Skywalker proudly announced that Hans Solo had "Made the run from (z to x, I forget) in only 19 parsecs!" A parsec being a measure of distance, it is as if someone bragged that Roger Bannister had run the mile in only a mile.

Loved Sci-fi as long as I can remember, was reading Heinlien before I started kindergarten, but movies mostly disappoint. Could be that ink on dead trees played on the screen of the mind is the best medium for the genre.

Jeff Faria said...

Hmm. Now this is a force of a different color.

urbansocrates said...

Not having seen the movie, I can't comment on it one way or another, but with dialogue that inane, it's no surprise it was such a violent flick.