Thursday, May 12, 2005

'Now if you'll excuse me, Dave,
I'll be over here reproducing.'

So I'm just wondering -- are scientists trying to ensure that we'll eventually be enslaved by an unstoppable robot army, or is that just a happy byproduct of their life's work? Either way, creating robots that can reproduce themselves is probably a bad idea. Although I'd rather be enslaved by them than the evil clones or the killer zombies (who aren't into enslaving so much as just eating you). I'm just saying.

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John Norton said...

"The researcher adds that, while the robot is a relatively simple device, it strengthens the case of scientists who believe self-reproduction isn't unique to living organisms and that in the future machines will be able to clone themselves."

We may as well just all drill holes in the backs of our heads and plug garden hoses into them right now.