Friday, May 27, 2005

It's even more impressive when you
consider that on at least half of
those days, he was given wedgies

How much you want to bet that, on more than one occasion, this kid reminded the teacher she forgot to give homework?


Unknown said...

i remember when perfect attendence was my claim to fame. there was even this day in 3rd grade when i vomited cafeteria pizza everywhere in the bathroom, but pretended everything was ok until 12:01 because then i could go home and still not be marked as absent for the day.

that must have been the day they thought us about run-on sentences.

Mona said...

Very witty blog...keep up the writing!

TwistedNoggin said...

My claim to fame was forging passes for over half the study-hall class on a regular basis and never getting caught. That, and the time I bled out my eye. Kids love that.
Actually, people loved me when they wanted me to draw something for them. The rest of the time, I was still "that weird girl".