Thursday, May 26, 2005

And if Phil Collins gets on the
Concord again, by God, shoot it down!

Ten reasons Bob Geldof should not do a new Live Aid:
  • Freddie Mercury -- dead.
  • Don't they have enough food in Africa already?
  • J.J. Jackson -- dead.
  • The thought of Lionel Richie sitting there waiting for the phone to ring ... it's painful.
  • Guy from INXS -- dead.
  • Mick Jagger still facing possible charges for ripping Tina Turner's miniskirt off.
  • Udo Lindenberg -- uh ... Could be dead.
  • Bob Dylan even less comprehensible now.
  • The Hooters -- career dead.
  • I don't need another reminder that I'm, like, old.


Dee Jour said...

It's macabre for me to find this amusing. About Michael Hutchence from INXS? At the time of his death here, when our state coroner had to rule on the cause of death - as suicide - the late Paula Yates, in addition to other people, didn't like the suicide verdict. They preferred the 'non' suicide verdict of auto-erotic strangulation.

The mind boggles doesn't it?

If I die, and I'm into that (hypothetically now), it's not like I want the world to know that I get off by strangling myself as I masturbate.

Ryan said...

Great list... although I did see the Hooters in concert last year, and they did rock.

Cindy St. Onge said...

This is funny. Reason #3 about Lionel Richie just cracked me up.

All of them are really funny.

Anonymous said...

Just dial
whenever you need a benefit concert of any kind.

Blobby said...

I think the general rule about Phil Collins should just apply - Live 8, Live Aid or any plane trip.