Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wait, this isn’t at all how the party in ‘Risky Business’ turned out

For the latest evidence that teenagers have yet to fully evolve, you need look no further than East Bridgewater, Mass., where a couple took a Paris vacation and left their 16-year-old son behind. After all, what could possibly go wrong?
The East Bridgewater couple found blood and urine smeared on the floors and walls, basketball-sized holes in the walls, an antique sofa had been set on fire, marble counter tops were cracked, flour was stuffed down the toilets, doors were pulled down and windows were smashed.
That's not to mention the jewelry, electronics, golf clubs and other items allegedly stolen from the house, some of which teens were reportedly trying to fence at the high school this week. Whatever happened to guests just sending a nice thank-you card?

Meanwhile, some teens who were there say the $45,000 in massive damage and theft is all being taken out of proportion:
Peterson said he was invited over to the house for a party, but didn’t do anything except punch a hole in the ceiling.
And I'm sure if the invitation had said anything about not punching holes in the ceiling, he would have limited his activity to the jewelry theft and furniture burning.

On the plus side, unlike Risky Business, there have been no reports of area hookers using the house as a brothel. Yet.

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