Tuesday, September 01, 2009

AT LARGE Fake News Tuesday: Exploding iPods Part Of Microsoft Revenge Plot

SEATTLE (CAP) - In what some are labeling an elaborate prank and others call corporate sabotage, sources close to the Microsoft Corp. say the software giant may actually be behind the rash of exploding iPods and iPhones reported throughout Europe.

Cases in both France and the UK have resulted in users being sprayed by shards of glass, and in Leicester, England last week, where a number of iPods and iPhones exploded at once, one of the city's trendiest coffee shops was practically leveled, leaving several overstuffed couches burning in flames.

"We jolly well can't have people's mobiles exploding while they're yakking on the blower, now can we?" asked UK Solicitor General Vera Baird, who has vowed to prosecute. "Rather bad form, what?"

(Read the rest at CAP News.)

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